SECO/WARWICK has incinerators to handle all types of wastes be it hazardous, non-pumpable, tarry, liquid, solid, gaseous, hospital or garbage waste

Our incinerators are custom engineered in different configurations to suit the application.  For example, a main combustion chamber for stationery processing and a Rotary Kiln for predominantly inorganic wastes, Pyrolyser chambers for solid tarry organic wastes, and spray incinerators for aqueous wastes.

The main chamber is followed by a post combustion chamber for complete oxidation, waste heat recovery, gas cooling and scrubbing systems, dust collector and stack. 

Type of Wastes that can be handled:

  • Drummed solid, semi-solid, tarry, viscous organics with or without small quantities of inorganics
  • Drummed high, medium and low boiling organics with or without small quantities of inorganics
  • Packetted solid wastes
  • Solids that can be transported / conveyed
  • Aqueous of organic liquid that are pumpable with or without heating
  • Liquid and gaseous and fumes
  • Trash garbage canteen wastes
  • Hospital and pathological / Biomedical wastes

Types of Incinerators:

  • Stationary
  • Rotary Kiln
  • Drum Pyroliser
  • Fluid bed
  • Vertical Spray
  • Cyclone
  • Multiple Hearth
  • RTO’s with special Ceramic Media
  • Catalytic